Innovation by Ginzler: Floating sludge removal system

Ginzler‘s latest innovation has a wealth of experience and development work behind it. The entire unit consists of an extractor pot, a stainless steel sludge screw conveyor as well as a trailing baffle and can be installed in round and rectangular tanks.   During development, particular attention was paid to the following optimisations:

  • Due to the adjustable immersion depth of the patented and vibration-free floating unit, only the desired amount of water and sludge is pumped.
  • Due to the special design, no air is entrained in the floating sludge line, thus extending the service life of the pump.
  • Full functionality is ensured for water level fluctuations of up to ± 125 mm.

High effiency, minimal maintenance coupled with optimal cleaning results are the main characteristics of our new product.

You can find more information about our product in our brochure as well as in our video, which clearly shows its use in practice.   We would be pleased to send you a non-binding offer. Please send your request to